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Restaurants, cafes and nightlife


Ailasto is the old Kaartotie national school, built in 1926.

As a restaurant, Ailasto has a long tradition from the 70s until recent years. Ailasto's interior exudes history and tranquility. In the products of the cafe and the store, the focus is on locality and small producers.

We have e.g. Retail sale of Hailuoto Brewery products, Kujala's Farm's tasty löök sauces and other local products.

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with Karelian hospitality. The cafe has serving rights and seats for 50 people and an outdoor terrace for 20 people.

Bistro Frans

Á la carte -ravintola Marjaniemessä entisellä luotsiasemalla aivan majakan juurella. Ravintolassa pyrimme käyttämään paikallisia raaka-aineita. Terassilta upea merinäköala.

Cafe Farestiina

Cafe on the Hailuoto ferry beach side.

Coffee, pastries and grilled food are available. In summer, cooling ice cream while waiting for the ferry.

Café Kaija

Kaija is a cozy and relaxed summer restaurant in the guest port of Marjaniemi. In Kaija, you can enjoy traditional grilled delicacies, local fish, ice cream and refreshments with a wonderful sea view. There is a wonderful sandy natural beach next to the quay.

Kaija also acts as a reception for guest harbor, travel park and Majakkapiha's accommodation during the summer season.

Café Loma

Cafe Loma Hailuoto is located in the middle of the village in Hailuodo. So you can find us right next to K-Market in Hailuoto.

The selection includes a grill menu, self-made cafe products, a wide selection of drinks (A rights) and in summer also ice creams and smoothies. Hailuoto brewery products from us as well.

Coffee shop Pariton Kuppi

Luovon Puoji is a craft store founded by craftsmen in the past and currently maintained by a cooperative. Cafe Pariton Kuppi also operates in connection with the store. Puoji's business idea is strongly Luotian, its foundation is a love for the island's original lifestyle, culture and handicrafts.

Dancing Bobcat Bar

A captivating and different restaurant in the middle of an idyllic field landscape in Hailuodo.

Party facilities for all kinds of parties and events

It is possible to rent, for example, the entire restaurant for private use

Rentable sauna, summer sun terrace and garden jams.

Food on order for groups.

Music, audio equipment

Hailuodon Halstari

Hailuodon Halstari on hailuotolainen kalasavustamo, jonka tuotteita on myynnissä ympäri Suomen aina Helsinkiä myöten. Tule nauttimaan herkullista lohisoppaa tai nappaa mukaan kalaisat tuliaiset, esimerkiksi kuuluisaa kylmäsavugraavilohtamme!

Myymälämme on avoinna kesäisin joka päivä klo 11-15, talvikaudella olemme avoinna maanantaisin sekä torstaista lauantaihin. Tervetuloa!

Hailuodon Helmi

Kalastajakylä's unique cafe in Marjaniemi. In the cafe, you can find handicrafts made by locals as well as unique souvenirs from Kalajoki's Iso-Pahkala.

Enjoy a cup of hot or cold with pastries in the heart of the fishing village. In October-May, Kahvila Helme's facilities are also suitable for small parties and various rental purposes.

Hailuoto Brewery

Hailuoto Panimo is the first organic brewery in Finland - we make all our beers from organically grown ingredients.

We make German-style unfiltered organic beers for Finnish taste, without preservatives and additives. The old warehouse building near the center of the village has been renovated into a brewery and an atmospheric Pub & Pub, which is open every day during the summer. Take your beer with you or enjoy it on site in a cozy pub or on a spacious patio! Our unique brewing equipment is also worth seeing in itself.

Mille's Place

You can find our food cart right now in our own yard.

Our fish products are made from local, self-caught local fish.

Our spring rolls are vegan, made in Hailuodo.

Our beef steaks are from the local Kujala farm.

We only use Finnish meat and fish in our products.

We also make food as a catering service. For events of 15 to 200 people (Hailuoto and neighboring municipalities on the mainland).

Restaurant Haili

Restaurant Haili is located in Arctic Lighthouse Hotel, Marjaniemi. The restaurant is open in autumn and winter according to hotel reservations and opening hours. In summer and early autumn, the restaurant is open every day. The restaurant has a bar and seating areas and a wonderful sun terrace.

Welcome to a wonderful taste trip to the panoramic restaurant in Marjaniemi.

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