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ravintola, kahvila, tilausravintola, kokoukset, juhlat

Ailasto is the old Kaartotie national school, built in 1926.

As a restaurant, Ailasto has a long tradition from the 70s until recent years. Ailasto's interior exudes history and tranquility. In the products of the cafe and the store, the focus is on locality and small producers.

We have e.g. Retail sale of Hailuoto Brewery products, Kujala's Farm's tasty löök sauces and other local products.

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with Karelian hospitality. The cafe has serving rights and seats for 50 people and an outdoor terrace for 20 people.


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Luovontie 798, Hailuoto, Finland

Information updated

29. jouluk. 2023

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