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Unique shops

Ailasto shop

Ailasto's local products store is connected to the cafe and open daily during the summer season. From us you can find e.g. Products of Kujalan Tila, Hailuoto Brewery and Tyrnävän Mylly. In the products of the cafe and store, the focus is on locality, small producers and responsibility.

Garden Merivilja

Summer flowers, seedlings and herbs. Raised in Hailuoto. You can find the garden near the Ulkokarvo intersection, in Ojakylä.

Hailuodon Halstari (fish smokery)

Hailuodon Halstari Oy is a fish smokehouse established in 2017.

Our place of business is in Marjaniemi, Hailuoto, and our smokehouse is the only commercial smokehouse operating in Hailuoto.

All fish processing is handmade from start to finish.

Hailuoto Brewery Pub & Shop

Hailuoto Panimo is Finland's first organic brewery. We make German-style unfiltered full-malt beers for Finnish taste without preservatives and additives.

The brewery has its own pub and shop where you can enjoy and buy beers on site. We organize brewery tours and beer tastings.

Heikkisen Haka

There is a small barn shop on the farm on the island of Hailuoto. The store is open during the summer and by order. For sale are furniture, wooden horses, shelves and a changing selection of interior items.

Heikkinen's haka offers skillfully done carpentry work on the island of Hailuoto. You can get unique wooden objects in the store and if you want, you can order woodwork according to the dimensions. Welcome!

K-market Hailuoto

The merchant and his staff are at your service!

We have: Groceries, iron goods, post office, DB Schenker pick-up point, Alko pick-up point, Veikkaus, hunting permits, bakery point and take away coffee.

So there is no need to go further to the sea...

Kujalan Herkku

Kujala's farm sells local food from Hailuoto directly from the farm. Our beef is high-quality natural pastured meat, because our cattle graze in the summers in the seaside meadows of Hailuoto. Our farm also produces the world-famous Lööki sauces.
Welcome to shopping!

Luovon Puoji

Luovon Puoji is a craft store founded by craftsmen in the past and currently maintained by a cooperative. Puoji's business idea is strongly Luotian, its foundation is a love for the island's original lifestyle, culture and handicrafts. We also develop new products on this basis; beautiful, durable and respectful of nature. Our products are also available in small form in our online store.

Nunnukka design

Nunnukka Design creates unique jewelry by combining different textures. The primary materials used are surplus leather from the industry and other recycled materials. The jewelry is handmade in Hailuoto. Our specialty is custom jewelry design. Feel free to contact us and visit our home shop!

Phone number: +358 44 2775395

Sale Hailuoto

Do you want to shop quickly and effortlessly, but still get everything you need in one shopping trip?

In Sale Hailuoto's selections, you can find attractive fresh products and other familiar foodstuffs. The selection of consumables includes, for example, everyday hygiene products and other basic everyday items. The price level is right in Sale. When you do business at Sale, you can be confident that you will find everything you need in the selections - at a permanently affordable price.

Tuulesta Temmattu

Tuulesta Temmattu stall & flea market is located next to the summer cafe. The shop displays and sells Finnish handicrafts, art and delicacies to buy.
The themes of the products are recycling, natural materials and locality.

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