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Windmill of Good Winds

In Hailuoto's Ojakylä, this brand new, traditional windmill is located, which was built by the people of Hailuoto. Some parts are taken from former windmills, but otherwise the windmill is built from new wood and is quietly waiting to turn gray, perhaps for hundreds of years. Near the mill there are old grain barns and a wheelbarrow. Tuomi blooms and cows graze in the seaside meadow. It's summer, wind and sun. You can enter the area by car to the marked parking lot because the land owner has given permission to do so. On the left of the main road, you can see a lichen-covered sign pointing to the place. More detailed information, for example, about the Ojakylä windmill's summer conversion, can be found on the Hailuoto club's website. The women turn the blades of the mill to another position.

Location type

Historiallinen maamerkki

Windmill of Good Winds

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Myllytie 15, 90480 Hailuoto, Finland

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