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Hailuoto Organum

Hailuoto Organum is a concrete spatial art work built by Hai Art, located in Ulkokarvo. The piece was designed by the renowned acoustic artist Lukas Kühne. Lukas Kühne has previously designed similar works for Estonia and Iceland.

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Hailuoto Organum

The sculpture consists of three domes of different sizes attached to each other. Each dome has its own resonance that corresponds to a note and acts as a natural sound amplifier.

The round shape was chosen because of its acoustic properties, and the sculpture's visual design language is harmoniously placed in the surrounding landscape. The sculpture at the entrance affects both the visual and auditory senses - in Organum you can sing, talk, keep quiet or organize miniature concerts, for example.

The sculpture was built in Ulkokarvo on the side of the trees as far as possible from the shore area, where the land is higher. The sculpture blends into the environment, taking into account the characteristics of the landscape. The authors have experience from previous construction sites, where the environment of the spatial artwork has been kept in its original state.

The Hailuoto Organum spatial art work was built in the summer of 2014. The work was realized within the framework of Hai Art's Soiva Saari project and with the support of Goethe-Institut Finland.

Getting there:

From the left side of the Ulkokarvo desert hut, a guided path leads to the seaside, and following the path leads to Organum. The path is lush.


The destination is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. There are no assistive devices at the destination.

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Open all year round

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Hai Art


Petsamontie 328, 90480 Hailuoto, Finland

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Hai Art

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