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Ailasto is the old Kaartotie public school, which was built in 1926. As a restaurant, Ailasto has long traditions dating back to the 70s. Ailasto's new winds bring with it program Services, equipment Rentals, café and restaurant services, in addition to accommodation services. The restaurant has seatings for 50 people and the terrace for 20 people.

Ailasto's two idyllic accommodation rooms can be found on the upper floor of the old Kansakoulu building. In addition, when there is no snow, accommodation is available in camping cabins and glamping tents. There are good outdoor areas near Ailasto, e.g. Hyypänmäki. The public transport bus stop is at Ailasto. The interior of the public school exudes history, different eras and tranquility.


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Luovontie 798, Hailuoto, Finland

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13. huhtik. 2024

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