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Privacy statement

This is the registry and data protection statement of Hailuoto elinekeinotoimijat ry in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Prepared on 23 March 2022. Latest change 27.12.2023.


1. Registrar

Hailuoto Elinkeinotoimijat ry (Visit Hailuoto)

Luovontie 139, 90480 Hailuoto

041 313 7043


2. The contact person responsible for the register

Data Protection Officer

Timo Rantasuo, 040 026 9688,

3. Register name

Customer and marketing register.

4. Legal basis and purpose of personal data processing

According to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, the legal basis for processing personal data is
- consent of the person (consent to hand over the e-mail address to the register during the subscription to the newsletter or the information necessary for the maintenance of the register arranged upon joining to become a member)
- an agreement in which the data subject is a party to Visit Hailuoto and a contracting party (member) or newsletter subscriber (user).
- we comply with the general data protection law

- performing a public task (based on), or
When joining the association, the data protection officer has the right to go through the information necessary for membership, which is also listed in the joining form. This information is not disclosed to a third party and is not used for marketing purposes.

The purpose of personal data processing is communication with customers, maintenance of customer relations, marketing and maintenance of the membership register.

The information is not used for automated decision-making or profiling. 


5. Data content of the register

Information stored in the register includes: person's name, company name, company/organization ID (Y ID), contact information (phone number, e-mail address, address), website addresses, billing information, other information related to the customer relationship and ordered services.

Only the given e-mail address is maintained in the newsletter register until the subscriber cancels and requests to remove his participation in the subscription. The e-mail address is not stored in the general register, but is hidden in our service. The address will not be disclosed to third parties or general marketers.

The data retention period for members is the period of their membership right. The period of keeping the register of newsletter subscribers is until the newsletter subscription is canceled or the sending of the newsletter is removed from the routine.

The e-mail addresses of the newsletter are anonymized during the subscription phase. No personal data is attached to them.

IP addresses of website visitors and cookies necessary for the functions of the service are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest, e.g. to take care of data security and for the collection of statistical data of website visitors in those cases when they can be considered as personal data. If necessary, consent is requested separately for third-party cookies.

6. Regular sources of information

The information to be saved in the register is obtained from the customer, e.g. From forms sent via www forms, by e-mail, contracts, customer meetings and other situations where the customer discloses their information.

Information about contact persons of companies and other organizations can also be collected from public sources such as websites, directory services and other companies. These are not automatically added to our registers without permission.


7. Regular transfers of data and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Information is not regularly disclosed to other parties. Information can be published to the extent agreed with the customer.

Data cannot be transferred by the controller outside the EU or EEA. 

The information is handed over to the register maintained by the service provider, which is exclusively registered as Visit Hailuoto's (Hailuoto elinekeinotoimijat ry) own register and they cannot access the register. 


8. Principles of registry protection

Care is taken when processing the register and the information processed with the help of information systems is properly protected. When registry data is stored on Internet servers, the physical and digital data security of their hardware is taken care of accordingly. The registrar ensures that stored data as well as server access rights and other data critical to the security of personal data are handled confidentially and only by those employees whose job description it is.


9. Right of inspection and right to demand correction of information

Every person in the register has the right to check their information stored in the register and demand the correction of any incorrect information or the completion of incomplete information. If a person wants to check the information stored about him or demand correction, the request must be sent in writing to the controller.


Hailuoto businessmen association

Luovontie 176, 90480 Hailuoto



If necessary, the registrar may ask the requester to prove his identity. The controller responds to the customer within the time stipulated in the EU data protection regulation (generally within a month). The registrar is not responsible for logistical problems that a written claim may encounter.


10. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person in the register has the right to request the removal of personal data about him from the register ("the right to be forgotten"). Those registered also have other Rights according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation such as limiting the processing of personal data in certain situations. Requests must be sent in writing to the controller. If necessary, the registrar may ask the requester to prove his identity. The controller responds to the customer within the time stipulated in the EU data protection regulation (generally within a month).

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