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Cookie policy

Cookie Policy


Updated: 27/12/2023

Our site uses cookies. By pressing the "I accept cookies" button, you accept the use of cookies. Cookies make using our site easy, fast and user-friendly. Cookies also make it possible to improve the usability of the pages.

A cookie is a small text file that the internet browser saves on the user's device. Cookies are placed on the user's terminal device only with the site called by the user. Only the server that sent the cookie can later read and use the cookie. Cookies or other technologies do not damage the user's terminal device or files, and cookies cannot be used to run programs or spread malware. The user cannot be identified using cookies alone.

Cookies are divided into subgroups: mandatory cookies, functional cookies, product development and business reporting, advertising reporting and advertising targeting. Mandatory cookies cannot be blocked. They are related to information security and enabling the website to function. Mandatory cookies do not contain identifiable personal information.


Third-party (Facebook, Hubspot, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube) marketing cookies allow us to target marketing on different websites and social services. 

Third parties are responsible for the retention times of marketing cookies in accordance with their own privacy policies.

There are some third-party tools or plug-ins essential for the operation of the service:

  1. The embeddings of social media or video services on the websites or the sharing and liking functions of social media may collect information about users of online services, for example to recommend content or monitor the number of visitors.

  2. We use cookies from third parties such as Google and Facebook. Cookies are used to track the use of our website, which can be combined with other information. If you do not allow these cookies, you will miss out on our company's targeted advertising.

  3. Service development cookies allow us to track visits and traffic sources in order to measure and improve our site's performance. With the help of cookies, we are able to develop our service for the best of our customers. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site, and we will not be able to monitor its activity for you. These cookies do not contain identifiable personal information.

  4. We use the cookie solution utilized by Google Analytics. If you want Google Analytics not to purchase cookies from the terminal, you can install the Opt-Out add-on offered by them in your browser.

If you wish, you can block non-mandatory cookies or limit the use of cookies and delete already saved cookies via the cookie banner on our website.

You can read more about cookies and Finland's cookie recommendations on Traficom's website

We reserve the right to update cookie policies, for example due to the development of services or mandatory legislation.

Internet and information security
Please note that when browsing internet pages, you are moving in an open information network. All site forms and contact forms are behind a secure SSL-protected connection. The information is not transferred to third parties.

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