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Camping with everyone's right in Finland

Everyone's rights means everyone's right to use nature, regardless of who owns the area or is its holder. In order to use nature within the limits allowed by everyone's rights, you do not need the permission of the landowner and you do not have to pay anything for using the rights.

Acting according to everyone's right must not cause more than minor harm to the landowner, land use or nature.

You get every right
to move on foot, skiing and cycling in nature, such as forests, natural meadows and water bodies
ride without damaging the terrain
stay and spend the night temporarily in areas where movement is also allowed. Pick wild berries, mushrooms and wild plants on boats, swim and walk on the ice with fishing rods and ice.

Camping with everyone's right in Finland

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Hailuoto, Finland

Information updated

29. jouluk. 2023

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