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Lighthouse visit

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Lighthouse and history


The Marjaniemi lighthouse reaches majestically into the sky. Its pale brick walls reflect bright sunlight. When I touch a building, I feel its strong foundation. Historical stories whisper in my ears.

This lighthouse has been seen as a symbol of Hailuoto since the end of the 19th century. The design of Finland's leading architect Axel Hampus Dahlström was built and finally put into use in 1872. Since then, it has been an unusual aid to shipping.

Local guides Ritva Rundgren and Vuokko Heikkinen-Pereira tell me about the lighthouse's past. There are plenty of stories because its history is fascinating.

"From the appearance of the lighthouse, you can immediately see where Dahlström has taken his impressions from," Vuokko points out. " Italian architecture has had a great influence."


The lighthouse happens to have a so-called "Italy window", which has been used to send signals to the sea through colors. The fact that the colors are the same as the Italian flag is just a funny coincidence. The real Italian atmosphere is created by the architecture.

"The port of Oulu is used worldwide, so the Marjaniemi lighthouse has saved many ships from getting lost," says Vuokko. "However, it has not saved everyone. "

Shipwrecks have a long history near Hailuoto. There are enough stories. If you want to hear these romantic and tragic stories from the experts, book a guided tour of the lighthouse. You get to visit the top, hear Dustaf Dalén's sympathy for the Nobel Prize and the automation of the lighthouse.

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Lighthouse open:

The opening hours of the lighthouse in 2024 will be announced later.

Opening hours subject to weather conditions.

Earlier and longer if necessary.

Other times possible upon request.

Changes possible, all rights reserved.

Max. 5 people at a time, duration approx. 15 min. Visit at your own risk.

Children must be accompanied by adults.

Not suitable for people afraid of heights or tight spaces, requires moderate fitness.

Entrance fees:

€10 per adult

€5 per child (primary school age)

€25 per family (2 adults + 3 children)

Order and group pricing separately.

Small groups outside normal opening hours 1-5 people (couples and families) €20 order charge + admission fee charge, minimum charge €50.

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