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Welcome to the 10th Hailuoto Summer Opening Festival!

Hailuoto Summer Opening festival is being held 10th time this year on June 8th. We warmly welcome you with us to celebrate the opening of Hailuoto Summer Season!

Program starts early in the morning and lasts until the late evening, so reserve an accommodation to ensure that you can soak up all the fun activities we have for this day! Check the accommodation from our page at

Kunnantalo + Luotosali (Luovontie 176)

12:00: Mayor Maarit Alikoski's Summer opening speech, Municipal hall (inside in case of rain)

12:00-14:00 Hailuoto Fire department shows their equipment

Pohde Dietician Leea Järvi's speech "Hyvää ruokaa, helposti ja halvalla"

12:30-13:30: Fun and active exercise tasks in the town hall lobby, led by Ärsyttävän Pirteä PT.

13:00: Info session by Aino-neuvonta on Pohde's services for the elderly, in Luotosali.

In Luotosali, there will be brochures available on Hailuoto's hiking trails, Hailuoto causeway, municipal cultural events, nutritional health, and exercise recommendations.

The municipality offers light refreshments!

Brewery Yard (Luovontie 233):

12:00-(21:00): Kujala's burger truck will be there as long as supplies last

13:00: Opening of the Tikkuröijy exhibition, Galleria Luoto, Hailuoto-seura

13:00: Opening of art exhibition by Katri Kaverinen - Moments in Hailuoto, Galleria Peräkamari, Hailuoto-seura

13:00-15:00: Plant exchange, in front of the souvenir store, Hailuoto-seura

17:00-19:00: Live music, light refreshments, and grilled sausages for sale, Hailuodon Panimo

19:00: Kosmos Writing Camp event in the attic, Hailuodon Panimo

21:00-22:00: Joonas Hauveli performs in the brewery attic, tickets 8 € from the counter

Stores (Luovontie 150 & Luovontie 136):

09:00-15:00: Sausage grilling in Sale's yard, Sale offers sausages and juice

11:00-14:00: Local Martta Association's pancake café, Sale's yard, Luovon Martat

16:30: Children's lollipop bingo, Kahvila Loma

20:00: Hotti bingo, Kahvila Loma (prohibited from minors)

22:00-01:00(04): Ravintola Iltalento's Summer Opening Festival Dance (prohibited from minors)

School & Church (Luovontie 61 & Luovontie 52):

School yard and community garden (Hailuoto 4H club):

09:00-12:00: Activities for children:

Testing mini-golf courses

Hobby horse races

Planting tasks and sign making

Games and play

Juice and cookies from the kiosk

10:00-16:00: Library open with a library card (self-service time)

13:00-16:00: Church doors open


The Marjaniemi Lighthouse is open Sat-Sun 12:00-14:00 (10€/5€/25€), Hailuoto local guides.

Ravintola Haili in Luotsihotelli serves Islander's Buffet.

Elsewhere on the island:

10:00-18:00: Summer café and "Tuulesta temmattu" flea market opening, Luovontie 1112.

12:00-14:00: Kittilännurkan Niittyateljee Spring Exhibition: graphics by Teuvo Pentti Pakkala, nature photos by Esko Pitkänen, woodworks by Ossi and Olli, straw mobiles by Elsa Pietikäinen and Kaija. Coffee served. Kittiläntie 138 a.

Check the event's Facebook page for more details.


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