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Getting to Hailuoto

Welcome to Hailuoto, the largest island in the Northern Ostrobothnia. 

Experience an unforgettable island with a living culture, enjoy the experiences, and live at the pace of the locals. Book accommodation and stay longer.

There is something to do in Hailuoto for every day of the year. 

The peak season is in summer. Hot summer days, wonderful sandy beaches, lively culture. And much more.

In winter, Hailuoto is "filled" with silence and peace. Have you ever experienced the icy Ostrobothnia and the peaceful winter nature?

Ferry in the fog_edited.jpg

Hailuoto can be reached with a free ferry connection.

The ferry runs from early in the morning until late at night in the summer, and on summer days there is also an additional ferry to reduce the waiting time.


Please note that on hot summer days there may be a queue at the ferry beach. Pack snacks and drinks with you. There are also summer cafes on the ferry beach.


While you're waiting, you can get to know Hailuoto through our website, through the Hailuoto app or with the help of the tourist information board located on the ferry shore.

Ferry timetables

You can find the ferry timetables on the Finferries website by pressing the button below.

Skip ferry queue, rent Luotobiili

Renting Luotobiili is an easy way to get to Hailuoto. Leave your own car in Oulunsalo ferry port, jump on the next ferry and drive around the island with Hailuoto inspired art piece, Luotobiili.


By bike to Hailuoto
"Are you joining along?"

You can cycle from Oulu to Hailuoto, and you can drive along light traffic lanes for a large part of the journey. The journey is quite pleasant, as the coast is notoriously flat. The distance from the center of Oulu is approximately 55 km. Those traveling by bike do not have to queue for the Hailuoto ferry. Read Ilta-Sanomi's article on 

In Hailuodo, there are cafés and accommodations tailored for cyclists, where cyclists are especially taken into account. For cyclists, there are lockable spaces for bikes where you can also do small repairs on bikes and where you can find tire pumps.

More information can be found Bikeland from the pages.

Bus number 59 runs daily from Oulu to Hailuoto. Buses can board the ferry from the priority vehicle lane. Bus schedules can be found From the Oulu public transport website. Hailuoto belongs to Oulu's public transport travel zone ABCD. Ticket prices for different zones can be found from here.

Easily by bus
"Onnikka (bus in English) has its own atmosphere"


Other methods of arrival

"Welcome to the Hailuoto International Airport"

To Oulu airport

Finland's second busiest airport, Oulu Airport is about 15 km from the port of the ferry to Hailuoto in Oulunsalo. You can fly to Oulu from Helsinki and Munich with direct flights.

The island also has taxi services.

You can get to Hailuoto from Oulu airport by bus by planning a route in the Oulu public transport service:

Departure stop: Airport 2646, Kylänpuoli, Oulu

A stop and place of change: Hailuodon th E 2588, Oulu

Destination: Hailuoto

Air field

Pöllä, Hailuoto

Hailuotto has its own air field, which is located on the west shore of Pöllanlahti at the end of Pöllantie, about six kilometers south of the church village of Hailuoto. The airport has one 500 meter long sand and grass runway.​


Ferry terminal at Hailuoto and Marjaniemi

You can arrive in Hailuoto by waterways and settle in the guest marinas of Marjaniemi or Huikku. You can find more information about guest marinas via the button below. The municipality of Hailuoto also rent boat berths for the entire boating season from May to October.

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